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Founded in 2010, Xiamen Lumiatech Lighting Co., Ltd., locates in Xiamen, China mainland. With “scientific and technological innovation, sincerely cooperation” management philosophy, Lumiatech Lighting is striving for design, development, production and sale on application of LED light source. We are one of the professional manufacturers of LED lighting products in China and well-known ODM/OEM production bases in the world.

Lumiatech Lighting takes products as the center, pays high attention on research and development input. Our strong development team have over ten years experience in the field of optics, electricity, thermology and structural design. Currently we have mass produced hundred kinds of LED lighting products.

Lumiatech Lighting own a R&D centre area which more than 700㎡. We have electronic lab, optoelectronic test lab, life test lab, safety test lab, reliability test lab and EMI test lab. Selecting the highest quality material, our production procedures are managed strictly according to ISO9000 standards and ERP system. We strive for excellence and continuous innovation, provide new products continuously to meet market demand.

With the mission of “excellent technology, creating green brightness”, Lumiatech Lighting responds to a global low-carbon economy advocacy, provides the fourth generation solid-state and energy-saving lighting with perfect balance between performance and price to all the customers. We warmly welcome customers all over the world to visit us, and discuss cooperation to establish long-term win-win partnerships.

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